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Watch the class control their own noise levels in a Fun and Engaging way!

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Try our New Antarctica Theme!

That's fine!

Everyone one is on task and working quietly.

Getting a little Noisy

Noise levels start to increase and the background changes to reflect this.

Now that is TOO NOISY!

When noise levels reach a level (determined by the Teacher) that are Too Noisy then the background changes again, an optional alert is recoreded and an Audible warning can be played.

Risk Free!

Try it out, and if it's not for you, cancel in the first 30 days and you pay nothing. No questions asked.

Theme Combinations

With over 100 Dial / Background Theme combinations, including Christmas! it should keep things fresh for the Students all Year.

It Really Works!

Don't take our word for it. We have loads of Testimonials from existing users.

Controlling how Too Noisy Pro responds to sound

This section describes the features of the Pro version of Too Noisy that give the Teacher total control in how the app responds to any level of Noise in a Classroom environment. They have been developed and fine tuned based on user feedback over several years.

Sensitivity Slider

Control the amount of needle movement for a given level of noise

This adjustment is intended to cater for anything from silent working, to working in groups, to full class activities. Sometimes it's OK to be a little Noisier in class!

The Dampening Slider

Reduces the impact of sudden noises.

Helps reduce the impact of sudden noises such as slamming doors, coughs, sneezes etc. The dampening slider also helps "smooth" the movement of the needle. This can be especially useful when the sensitivity setting is set to a high value.

Threshold Settings

For Compete Control

Now you have complete control over when the "Warning Background" and the "Too Noisy Alarm" is triggered, simply set the upper and lower thresholds to match the requirements of the particular activity that is taking place. Thresholds are particularly powerful when used in conjuction with the Sensitivity and damper Settings.

The "Magic" calibrate Button

Helps cancel out background noises such as air conditioning and noise from other classes etc.

We love this feature! Ask the Class to be silent and then click the "Calibrate" button. The app will record the level of background noise for 10 seconds, and use this as the "base level" for the app. See the tutorial video in the user training area for a demonstration of the effectiveness of this feature.


For Sensitivity and Damper Sliders

Presets allow you to save the optimum sensitivity and damper settings for your Classroom environment. The preset you use will depend on the particular activity taking place at the time. There are 4 Presets: Silent, Quiet, Group and Class. Each preset can be customized and saved by the teacher, and updated at any time. They can be a real time saver!

The Rewards system used in Too Noisy Pro

Teachers wanted a rewards system built into Too Noisy Pro. So here it is. Star Awards are won, and optionally lost, based on the criteria set by the Teacher. There are Two Modes of Star Awards "Achievement" Mode and "Session "Mode" for maximum flexibility.

Star Awards

A built-in rewards system

Reward your Class for controlling their noise levels with "Star Awards". Star Awards are very flexible and can be lost as well as gained. See how many Star Awards your class can earn.

Star Awards - Achievement Mode

You decide how long before the students earn a Star award

In this mode each Star Award is awarded after a defined amount of time. For example, the Teacher could decide to award a single Star every 3 minutes. The time range that can be set for the award of each Star ranges from 1 minute to 15 minutes. It is also possible for the Teacher to set the app so 1 Star is removed each time the class cause a "Too Noisy" Alert to be triggered. The teacher can also add and remove Star Awards manually. 

Star Awards - Session Mode

For when you have a fixed session time

In "Session" mode the Teacher sets the length of time for the complete session. This can be from 1 minute to 3 hours. Assuming the class control their noise for the complete session then they will win all 10 Stars. However, each time they trigger the Alarm the number of Stars they can win is reduced. Of course the Teacher can overide this and manually award (or remove) Stars.

Some of the other features of Too Noisy Pro online version

Here are some of the other, mainly Teacher requested, features we have built into Too Noisy Pro web app.

Audible Alerts and Sound Effects

Following Teacher requests we have introduced Audio feedback for Students

It is often useful to provide audio feedback to students who are fully engaged in their activities and are not necessarily looking at the whiteboard or multi-touch panel the whole time. For that reason, as well as to provide additional interest we have introduced audio into the Pro version of Too Noisy.

Alarm Counter

Keep track on the number of Alarms triggered. Great if you need to leave the room for a few minutes!

This is a numeric display on the face of the Dial. This simply keeps score of the number of times the "Too Noisy" Alarm has been triggered. This can be used in place of the Star Awards - or in conjunction with them. There is a reset button close to the numeric display, so the Teacher can "zero" the count at any time. This feature can be switch ON/OFF from the settings screen. The Alarm Counter features on all the Dial Themes.

Background Themes

keep the Students fully engaged

Currently the Pro version of Too Noisy includes 12 background themes. Themes can be used to keep things "Fresh". We have themes for particular events...Halloween, Christmas and Easter for example, as well as themes for older children. We will be adding to these in the future.

Dial Themes

for use in combination with the background themes

We are constantly adding to the different Dial Themes. These can be used in any combination with the background Themes giving an enormous number of combinations that can be used. Themes keep things "Fresh and new" as well as broadening the age range Too Noisy can be used with.

Screen Cracking Effect

A Fun "Twist" to liven things up!

This is a useful feature to increase the impact of the Alarm being triggered. If the screen cracking effect is switched on and the Alarm is triggered a broken glass image and sound effect are presented. This works across all the Themes and can be switched ON/OFF as required and can be used in conjunction with the other Audible Alarms. Users report it is most impactful when used sparingly!

Touch Screen Support

For your convenience

The app can be controlled from modern Multi-touch panels, meaning the Teacher does not have to return to the PC or MAC to make any adjustments.

Support for most internal and external microphones

If your PC or MAC has a microphone then Too Noisy Pro will probably work with it!

We have tested "Too Noisy Pro" with numerous internal and external microphones. It works with almost all of them, but some microphones work spectacularly well with the app. We provide a list of external microphones that work really well with "Too Noisy". Also, if you have both internal and external microphones we show you how to select which one to use in our video tutorial section.


RISK FREE - Use the FREE 30 day trial of Too Noisy Pro to go through the various video tutorials, test on your PC/MAC and see if it works for you....If not you can cancel at any time during the 30 Day trial period and you will not be charged.



PER MONTH ( $18 Paid Annually)


Alarm Counter

Upper and Lower threshold Settings

Star Awards - Achievement Mode

Star Awards - Session mode

12 x Animated Background Themes 

10 x Dial Themes

6 x Audible Alerts

Set Audible Alarm Duration

Sensitivity Presets

Damper Presets

Priority Email Support

Video Tutorials


"I rolled it out with my class as soon as we finished our standardized testing this a.m. They (and I) loved it! It's so much easier to use with a bigger 'platform' than my phone or iPad. I've had a Yacker Tracker for years, but started using Too Noisy Pro about 2 years ago, and have had much better results with it."

Cathy Seaton
1st Grade General Ed teacher, Wadsworth Elementary, palm Coast, Florida, USA

"My biggest concern was if the kids were going to use Too Noisy as a game, and try to set the alarm off immediately. I was also skeptical about the sensitivity settings. Both concerns are now a non issue. "The students respect the app and the sensitivity settings work great! My classroom was getting out of control noisy and the red, yellow, green stop lights from most teacher stores with sound sensitivity are upwards of 100$. Now the Kids are focused, work gets done quicker, I keep my sanity with low noise levels in class. I'd recommend this app to any elementary teacher! It's so much easier to conference with kids when the class is at an appropriate noise level. [iPad version of Too Noisy Pro]"

Bryan Iversen
Teaches First grade at the American School in Rio de Janeiro

"Must have for Teachers My pre-k, kindergarten, and lower elementary school English students in Japan respond extremely well to this app! It really has been a teacher's helper over the last year. It helps the teacher control the amount of noise in the class room while saving his or own voice. I Have been in contact with the developer and am looking forward to taking his other apps for a spin! Great concept and execution! Thank you!....[Mobile Version of Too Noisy Pro]"

3rd Digit
Kindergarten Teacher

"I really like the program and it has been a sanity saver! I have two very enthusiastic, talkative 5th grade classes and if they want recess they have to earn a certain amount of stars."

Linda Buck
Fifth grade math and science teacher, Ouachita Elementary School, Arkansas

"I was so very VERY grateful for your product, as two years ago I had the care of a homeroom of extremely noisy 8th-graders, who had no conception of the amount of noise they were communally creating. Your web-app, making the noise visually understandable, did wonders."

Louise Wesson
Latin teacher, North Penn High School, Lansdale PA



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